Sunday, May 23, 2010

How to love a grumpy old man!

Sing and you'll be happy today. Press along to the goal. Trust in him who leadeth the way, he is keepin your soul. Let the world know where you belong, Look to Jesus and pray. live by faith and sing it my friend, sing and be happy today.

That’s an old song my Dad and I used to sing. He never was a Grumpy Old Man. Even towards the end when most people would have been, my dad always had a positive attitude and a big “hi-dy” and a hug. I’m not saying that grumpy old men aren’t lovable. I think they are!

Mom loves that movie “Grumpy Old Men”. They recently moved two of our favorite grumpy old men to another wing of the Wesleyan. We miss them and their grumpy antics. They were often so entertaining. Why they don’t make a movie called “Grumpy Old Women”. Women are grumpy for some excuse or other for their whole life. We have PMS when we are young , we get post partum depression after we have a baby and later in life, we get menopause. There IS actually a medical term for “Grumpy Old Men” it’s called “ SLOH, a testosterone decline that has been clinically documented and significantly affects quality of life. In less medical terms, being an old man takes away your macho!

My little long haired dachshund Oscar loves old folks. Most the residents where Mom lives love me to bring Oscar. They oooohh and aaahhh and want to hold him the same as if you just brought them their first grandchild! It’s funny because they even compete for his attention and beaming they will let him lick them all over their smiley old wrinkly faces. One day, I brought Oscar down the hall and this grumpy old man got very angry! “Get that blankety blankety blank dog outa here!” I replied nicely, “He’s allowed to be here in the hall, just not in the dining area.” He spitted back, “I don’t give a damn! Get that blankey blankey blank dog out of here! ” I got angry then and picked up my little Oscar affectionately, gripping him under my arm, I leaned down to answer him right in the eye, saying calmly and firmly “well I don’t give a damn either! Now listen to me you old  grump! I don’t work here and I don’t have to put up with you!” Then I saw it! That little mischievous look hiding there somewhere underneath in his cloudy grumpy eyes and his old pouting  mouth curled up a little to one side! He was enjoying this!
Laughing at how he got a rise out of me later, I realized that I love that old grumpy man! I really do, he cracks me up! All I needed to do was see the real man, the funny interesting one underneath! We have gotten along great ever since! Mom and I miss him too. Mom says “I really hate it when he takes the Lords name in vain but I still miss that old guy!”

Sunday, May 16, 2010

She's just so "high maintenance" you know.

As the life of a flower,
As a breath or a sigh,
So the years that we live
As a dream hasten by.
True, today we are here,
But tomorrow must leave--
Just a grave in the vale
And a memory of me.

Chorus: As the life of a flower,
As a breath or a sigh,
So the years glide away
And, alas, we must die.

The above song is an old hymn that was one of my Grandpa Wright's favorites. You never hear it anymore because it's one of those early 1900 american hymns that contained lyrics and ideas of a different generation. In other words, people our age stopped singing hymns about dying. Mom sang this song to me this week. Why? Because her roses had started to wilt.

For mother's day, we gave Mom a bouquet of beautiful red roses. Mom deserves a bouquet of flowers on most special days so I add those to my grocery list. In Texas, if you go to the grocery store on any average friday afternoon, you will see several men dressed in their wrangler jeans, big belt buckles and cowboy hats buying a bouquet of roses for their sweetheart. I doubt if they are buying them for any special occasion at all. It's just the weekend and they want to let her know that she is special. I expect to be given flowers for this reason too. I also believe that I deserve manicures, pedicures and massages. I expect to be taken out to eat whenever I want. Women of Mom's generation didn't expect things like this. On valentines day, Mom was given one simple rose with baby's breathe. She didn't expect to get it and it didn't happen every year. Some years, she didn't get anything! She didn't throw a fit and think she wasn't loved. They just said "Happy Valentines day" to each other and that was that. Let's face it ladies, our generation expects flowers, jewelry, chocolate and a date all at once! When I mention to Mom that I'm going out to dinner, or to a spa, my Mom just sighs and shakes her head, stating sadly to her elderly friends "she's just so high maintenance you know". They all shake their heads sadly in agreement. Where did they learn that modern term? I guess from watching TV like everyone else.