Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Ideas for wiser more experienced people. (meaning "OLD")

Christmas Ideas for that wonderful loving wise and experienced person in your life. (meaning "OLD")

The best present you can give to someone elderly is your time and patient undivided attention.

If possible , take them out Christmas shopping or out to see Christmas lights. Elderly people often have no way of getting out to go Christmas shopping and it makes them feel terrible that they can't be involved in the best part of Christmas,  the giving part. Even if you just go to Wall Mart or the Dollar store and get Christmas hand towels or something else inexpensive, it still makes them feel better. You can also assist them in the wrapping. If they can't get out for health reasons,  you can always go buy some beautiful cards, and assist them with writing the notes and addresses and sending them out to their family and friends. My mother enjoys this very much. She had a stroke so I just write for her what ever she wishes to say. Also, my Mom always feels sad if she can't give me anything, so she gives me $15.00 or so from her account at the nursing home and I go and get something for myself , wrap it up and open it up in front of her on Christmas. I know that may sound silly but I've noticed it gives her great joy.
Just think about it! Can you imagine , spending a Christmas without giving anyone you love a gift? We often forget that.
Other Christmas ideas:

Bring your kids: Elderly miss the wonderful times when they had babies and grandchildren to enjoy. Seeing little children, even if they are stranger's kids, brings them joy. Even seeing your rebellious teenager makes them happy. There's a 2 fold blessing here! . One of the best things you can teach your children is not to be afraid of sick and elderly people. Don't worry about how they act in the beginning. If you take them around the elderly often when they are young, they will make friends and grow into more compassionate and kind grown ups.

Bring your pets. With some exceptions, most elderly people miss having a pet. Bring calm well mannered pets to visit.
If you do, you will find that you are the most popular person there and they will make certain all their friends and neighbors see the pets too. It's a fun time for all.

Bring a Christmas movie or old family Christmas videos and watch them with your elderly friend or relative. Talking about everyone in the family and how it used to be is a precious time for them and it's also a blessing to hear the stories that come up from watching these movies. Very interesting stories you may have missed in your family heritage.

Gift ideas: Shower gels & lotion are always appreciated but not in a huge bottle. Huge bottles are hard to deal with.
My mom loves Bed , Bath and Beyond shower gels. She likes the way they smell and lather up nicely.

Socks: I like the real soft socks for diabetics sold in pharmacies but really any nice soft white socks will do.  Don't give the real short sport type sock or real high knee socks, I've noticed most elderly men and women do not like these. Just simple ankle type socks are good.

Clothes: Find out their size first and it's always best to be a little big rather than a little too small. Mom and her room mates always like to get a festive comfortable holiday looking sweatshirt or sweater to wear during the holidays. Make sure it has a roomy neckline so it doesn't mess up their hair. Long sleeves are always best. If you haven't ever noticed, sleeveless shirts are not attractive on elderly women. Sweat pants are the best pants to buy. If not sweat pants then at least elastic type pants, zippers and buttons make things difficult.

Hats, Scarves and Jewelry are great if they wear these kind of things but don't buy expensive things. These get stolen in nursing homes and that's just upsetting to everyone involved.

Happy Christmas giving and here's the biggie!

If they were not that great of a parent, forgive them and tell them so and how much you dearly love them. Also, add in that other person in your family that you haven't forgiven. Do it, get it over with and tell them you have done so. It adds so much happiness to the holiday season for everyone involved.

Merry Christmas from Mom and me!