Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Elderly

Every year, it never ceases to amaze me the odd illogical gifts that people with good intentions give the elderly. It's really kinda sad and funny at times. Hope these tips help!!

Here's a list of BAD IDEAS. (Just think about it) Most of these don't really need much explanation.

Razors ??

Small hard to put on knee socks??

Huge Heavy Lifetime size bottles of Lotion??

Turtle neck sweaters??

Dark black, brown or blue clothes(they have to write their names on clothes for the laundry)

Small hard candies, hard fruits, Sugar treats for Diabetics??

Great Big Stuffed Animals (Very small living areas) ??

DVD's or CD's when they have no DVD or CD players??

Large size of Men's cologne . Difficult to open pour out bottles.??

Candles ( are you kidding me???)Hot curling irons or curlers??

Clothes that need to be dry cleaned.??

Sleeveless blouses, or shorts (have you ever seen an elderly person in a tank top)??

Odd color kits of hard to put on makeup that do not match the woman's skin tone.??

Anything that is glass. ??

Consider that a good percentage of the elderly in long term care, have trouble eating and or swallowing. Also many are diabetics. Before you bring a food or candy gift, find out if they can even enjoy it. Mom doesn't mind when she gets candy she can't eat, she enjoys giving it a piece at a time to the nurse aids who care for her. So this can be ok, but not if you want them to actually eat it. 

Clothes are usually washed with large industrial washing machines, so bring light colored clothes and socks so they can write their name on  with a sharpie. Or if you wish, sew their name in. 

Easy to put on light weight clothing.

Everyone likes those really soft diabetic socks you can get at pharmacies or Wall mart. 

Light weight easy to put on gowns or house dresses are a good idea for ladies but not too
long. (Real long gowns can get all wound up around their feet. )

Same for men, comfy easy to put on PJ's are good. Easy to put on shirts, tee shirts.

Those crock shoes work well for most elderly people or tennis shoes without strings to tie.

Ladies love fresh flowers.


Bring in a small gift and then stay awhile to talk and listen. 

Bring a small gift and a child. Most elderly people love to see and talk to children. 

Bring a small gift and a pet. Most elderly people miss their pets. Needs to be a small pet that is quiet and doesn't jump around a lot or bite. 

Bring a good book and come back often to read out loud  a chapter or two. 

Bring a nail kit, emery board and do their finger nails. Clear polish is best. 

Bring something from their favorite restaurant at lunch or dinner time. Bring something for yourself too and sit and talk and enjoy the meal together in the dining area. 

If it's a nice day and they are in a wheel chair, take them outside for a  nature walk . 

Tell them that you have forgiven that person in your family that they want you to forgive. Tell them you told them that you have forgiven them and all is well.

I know that last one is difficult but often  that's what they really want the most and a huge bottle of soap is never gonna make that stain go away. Just go ahead and get that over with, it's actually a gift that's good for you as well. 

Happy Holidays from Mom and me to all that read this blog. Mom is recovering well from her recent hip surgery and appreciates all your cards, visits and letters. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!