Sunday, July 22, 2012

How'd you get here? Sisters Reunite

"How'd you get here?" 

It was one of the sweetest moments I've ever experienced. In fact, every time I  think of it, my eyes tear up. My cousin Kimberly brought my 95 year old Aunt Blanche on a plane from Washington State to reunite with my mother, Nancy. This was not an easy task and frankly I don't know anyone else who would have ever even thought of it except Kimberly.  Blanche is mostly blind, and lives in an Assisted Living in Washington State. My mother Nancy, 88 years old and a stroke victim lives in a nursing home in Texas. Blanche & Nancy are the last surviving of 6 sisters. They hadn't seen each other in at least 30 years! It all started with Kimberly reading this blog! (I knew I was writing this blog for some reason..)  Kimberly started reading the posts to Blanche. Kimberly could relate to it  because she is "Caring for Blanche." Before we knew it, she called and said, "Ahhh shoot, it's only money, I'm just gonna bring Grandma to Texas to see her sister!"  We were all amazed that they would or could make such a trip. Mom was not warned of Blanche's trip to Texas. She would have gotten too anxious about it and let's face it, with people their age you never really know what 
might happen. That's why it took a little convincing for Mom to recognize her sister Blanche in this video.  Several of my cousins from Oklahoma and other areas of TX came to experience this touching moment as well. I can not even express the gratitude I feel for Kimberly making this happen. Also,words could never express this special moment in their life and for all of  us who were there to see it.  The video does it better. Enjoy.