Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Perhaps we all should have thought this through a little better.

When dealing with the elderly, you often come to the understanding that...well...ummm...perhaps we should have thought this through a little better.

This past weekend for some reason or another, the kitchen staff where Mom lives decided to use flimsy cheap plastic spoons, knives and forks instead of regular sturdy silverware. Perhaps they were trying to make it easier to clean up.  Perhaps one of the dishwashers broke. Perhaps they were trying not to spread germs. I don't know the reason. 
OK, I admit it, it was funny! Looking around the large dining area, I could see all the Wesleyan residents struggling with their insubstantial plastic utensils.  Many have some form of Palsy and shake, others like my mom, have suffered from strokes. Their tiny frail fingers trying to poke this pathetic excuse for a fork into their chicken. 

 Let's face it, Mom can only use one hand and that one hand isn't all that coordinated. Recognizing the problem, myself and several other visitors went around helping them maneuver around their meals. What the hell were they thinking, using these crappy plastic spoons and forks?   One lady at Mom's table couldn't cut up her teriaki chicken. "I can't cut anything with this!" she exclaimed. Mom just gave up and ate her yogurt and applesauce . I finally cracked when Lillian, one of Mom's friends broke her flimsy white  plastic spoon off in her ice cream.  "It's too hard" she said looking at me and her desert in dismay. Calling over one of the dining staff , I  said " My goodness, Get this woman a real silverware spoon!"

 "Perhaps you all should have thought this through a little better."

Mom got two gowns for Christmas.  I noticed she was always choosing her old gown and wasn't wearing her new gowns. "They're too long and bother my legs." she complained  My son Luke visiting for Christmas said "Don't worry Grandma, I'm sure Mom can hem them up for you and they will be fine." Mom said, "That would be great!" Why did Luke say that?  Perhaps he forgot that I have never sewn a stitch in my life. Every time I ever tried, it was like the residents of the Wesleyan and the plastic utensils. Price of gowns $$20.00.  Price of getting the hems sewn, $20.00. Problem solved! I find myself asking again, "Mom, why aren't you wearing your new gowns?" "I don't like long sleeves, they're too hot." she answered..

Perhaps I should have thought this through a little better.

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