Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm Scared to Death!

I'm selling and buying a house in the same 30 days. For those of you who do not know, there are lots of little details and major stress that goes on when buying or selling a house. We are doing both at the same time. I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Going to see Mom makes me stop for a minute.

The other day Mom tilted her head to one side and asked "What exactly is it that you do?" I enthusiastically started explaining executive search, software developers, RF Engineers, what they do, how I find the one's who are hard to find, then assist in negotiations regarding their salary, bonus , vacations, relo costs and so on. She listened quietly and then replied, "so you just talk a lot." (I have never heard a better or more simple explaination of my job.)

Still worried and stressed about the inspector, the septic tank, the roof, the carpenter ants, I kissed her goodbye and hurried down the hall to leave. An elderly man I love who visits his wife everyday stopped me to talk. He had a very sad look in his eyes. His wife had stopped eating for the last 2 days and she was sleeping all the time. He looked at me with fear in the eyes and as I hugged him, he said. "I'm scared to death!"

You know, that old man just put my pest control worries to shame.

Of course, then my car broke down on the way home :) Oh well.

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Twofbylnd said...

I love being here for that very reason. I'm not hurrying around chasing my tail. But rather stopping smelling the flowers along the way and thanking God for all his beauty that he has given me each and every day. God is so good all the time and we forget to STOP. And consider everything he does for us. Stress is bad news so remember God will take care of us Everything does not have to be done in my time but only in Gods time. Love you guys. Tell Miss Nancy. Penny says Hi and I love you both. Penny